Strategy for the Casino Game Sic Bo

Games of pure chance typically have the largest payouts in casinos. Playing a few games of the ancient Chinese game Sic Bo at an online casino might be fascinating because of the high frequency with which one can win.

Although Sic Bo may trace its roots back hundreds of years to China, it doesn’t mean the strategies used to improve your chances of winning have to date back that far.

When playing Sic Bo for real money at an online casino, you should consider the following methods.


Top Picks for Sic Bo

To maximize your chances of winning when playing Sic Bo at an online casino, it is essential that you make informed wagers. You can wager on many different permutations of dice at the Sic Bo table. These are the most popular wagers, thus those are what you should go with.


Bets Large and Small

The house edge for both large and small bets in Sic Bo is a mere 2.78%, making it one of the lowest in the casino. If the sum of the three dice is between eleven and seventeen, your bet is a winner. If the sum of the numbers you roll on three dice is between one and ten, your bet pays off. There should be a about 48.61% chance of winning both large and small bets in each round.


Rolls of the dice

Bets on dice combinations involve placing wagers on the results of rolling two of the three dice. These wagers on several numbers appear in the row just before the very last one on a standard Sic Bo table. The following are some solid combinations to wager on using dice:


Two and one

The numbers two, three, and four

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Gambling on the Odds and Evens

An odd wager is made in the expectation that a roll of the dice will produce a number that is itself odd. The numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 are all on the odd side. Bets on evens are made on the expectation that a roll of all three dice will yield an even result. The numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8 are all even. The house edge for both odd and even bets is 2.8%, giving the casino a chance of winning of 48.6%.


Sic Bo’s Worst Bets

The highest paying bets in Sic Bo also carry the most risk due to their large potential rewards. You should not increase your risk of losing by selecting these wagers. Because your odds of winning are so low, doing so will let you keep more of your money.


Detailed Two-Fold Wagers

This bet is made in the hopes that a certain combination will be shown on two dice and a certain number will be shown on the third dice. The standard payout for winning combo wagers is 50 to 1. However, the casino has a 29.2% edge on this wager.


Never Bet Threes

To win your bet, you need to roll a triple of the same number, which you wager on. There is a high payoff of 180:1 on some triple bets, but they only happen about 0.46 percent of the time. The casino has a 16.2% edge over this wager.


Roulette: 4 or 17

The goal of the game is to win your bet by rolling a four or a seventeen with three dice. Even though the odds of getting those two numbers are only 1.4%, the payoff for a win on four or seventeen bets is often 60:1. The casino has a 15.3% edge over you if you choose to make this risky wager.


You can improve your chances of winning in Sic Bo now that you know which bets are the best and which ones you should avoid. When playing casino games that are based only on chance and probability, you should always prioritize limiting your losses. Since the results of a game of Sic Bo are so random, no one strategy can be considered optimal.

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